Kahina: Mother of Plants

A sci-fi illustrated novelette based in the year 3086.


Kahina: Mother of Plants is a sci-fi illustrated novelette based in the year 3086 with breathtaking vivid descriptions and masterful storytelling.

What happens to our cultures and traditions in a thousand years? 14 Chapters and 54 exquisite illustrations woven together with deftness and precision, tries to provide answers to those questions.

Kahina: Mother of Plants was a 3 year project which launched on various major platforms including Amazon Kindle in the year 2023.

Meet the Characters

Here's a glimpse of some characters featured in Kahina: Mother of Plants.


A tech genius globally known as the founder of Kahinara, a fashion-tech company inherited from her late parents.


First man to discover the true potential of a brand new element and son to one of the most powerful men on the planet.


Founder of SilverDark Inc, a company that became synonymous with cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking innovation.

Animated Scene from Kahina: Mother of Plants

An animated scene from the book Kahina: Mother of Plants.

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Behind the Scenes of Kahina: Mother of Plants

Kahina: Mother of Plants was a re-engineered version of leviphil's abandoned project Ria. It was made up of 54 well thought-out illustrations which were enhanced to be more life-like with the use of AI.
Checkout the video below where leviphil fully explains why he abandoned the Ria project and also the overall thought process involved in the creation of Kahina: Mother of Plants.

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